Lady Science no. 29: Naughty Nurses & Nightingale Myths

Why Are We Still Talking About the "Naughty Nurse"? by Jenna Tonn 

Florence Nightingale: Of Myths and Maths by Joy L. Rankin 

In this issue, guest writer Jenna Tonn traces the history of the "naught nurse" trope. Contributing Editor Joy Rankin tells the little known story of Florence Nightingale as statistician, not nurse. 

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Lady Science no. 28: Scientific Professions and Women's Experiences

Feminist Anthropology Part II by Emma Louise Blacke

Healing History: Women in Medicine by Abby Norman

For this issue, Emma Backe closes out her series on feminist anthropology with a look at sexual violence within anthropology. Journalist and writer Abby Norman writes about the gradual defeminization of medicine and reproductive health.