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We are an independent magazine focusing on women, gender, and science in history and popular culture. The project was founded by two historians of science, Leila A. McNeill and Anna Reser. In the last two years, we've published 44 original essays written by historians, bloggers, and scientists. Our work explores the intersections of science, technology, and medicine and how women participate in, interact with, and are impacted by these fields. We mainly focus on history, but we also cover important contemporary issues like sexual assault in the academy and climate change. 

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We have a number of recurring expenses that we need help with in order to continue and expand the project. We're on Patreon to raise funds for our hosting and domain fees and capital for merchandise we'd like to make, and to endow a scholarship for women graduate students in history of science to attend conferences. We currently syndicate our content with The New Inquiry, which is how we pay our contributors. If we meet our goals, we'll be able to pay our writers on our own increasing the per-article fee, commission blog posts, and perhaps even distribute small stipends for our team.