Pitching Lady Science

Here’s what we’re all about:

Our purpose is to highlight women’s lives and contributions to scientific fields, to critique representations of women in history and popular culture, and to provide an accessible, inclusive, and collaborative platform for writing about women on the web. Unlike other specialized and academic publications, we do not recognize any disciplinary, generic, or stylistic constraints that sometimes curtail the ways in which women’s stories can be written. All types of thoughtful and rigorous writing are invited from authors in any field.

We’ve previously run essays that encompass a wide-range of topics about and approaches to women’s stories including computer science, public health, earth sciences, science fiction, television, comic books, historiography, etc. And we welcome many more!

Here’s what we want from you as a writer: 

We’re looking for single 1500 word essays that cover representations of women and gender in the history of science, technology, and medicine and in various mediums of popular culture. We are also open to running a series of essays around a central topic of interest that would take more than one issue to cover fully. 

Successful pitches should include basic information about your topic and some details about how you will execute it. Most importantly, you should be clear in your pitch about the “big” questions or ideas you are hoping to uncover and explore or the argument you want to drive home. 

The work that you pitch should be original work, meaning we do not publish book reviews or literature reviews.

We don’t publish opinion editorials or political pieces. Personal essays may work, as long as it is relevant to the overall purpose of Lady Science. 

Things to keep in mind as you prepare your pitch: 

For guest authors, the word limit per essay is 1500. The scope of your pitch should take this word limit into account so that you end up with a piece that is focused, deep, and concise, not a piece that is overextended and shallow.

Diversity in authors and readers is important to us. We respect the professional, racial, gender, and sexual orientation diversity of our readership, and we ask that authors keep that in mind as they prepare their pitch.  

If your pitch is accepted, please read our Style Guide and browse previous issues for style and tone before you start writing your piece. 

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