Feminist Friday 3/23

Feminist Friday 3/23

A weekly list of feminist thought from around the web. 

90210, #XFILES, & MEDUSA


Judge temporarily blocks Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks by Associated Press


The Voices of Ancient Women by Peter Toth 

She was the Only Woman in a Photo of 38 Scientists, and Now She's Been Identitied by Jacey Fortin

The History of Breeding Mice for Science Begins With a Woman in a Barn by Leila McNeill

For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist. To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It by Susan Goldberg

Mallory Ortberg: "Experiencing the Joy of Transitioning Feels Really Powerful" by Nicole Chung

The Tipping Equation by Catrin Einhorn and Rachel Abrams 

Breast tumors and bubble sheets: examining persistent gender stereotypes about standardized testing throughout Beverly Hills, 90210 by KJ Shepherd

Saying Stephen Hawking is "Free" Form His Wheelchair is Ableist by Keah Brown

Serena Williams: 'Doctors Aren't Listening' So Black Women Are Dying by Carly Ledbetter

How Maps Look Different When Women Make Them by Sarah Holder

The Betrayal of Dana Scully: "The X-Files" Has Been Terrible to Its Lead for a Generation by Inkoo Kang

How Frontier Nuns Challenged Gender Norms by Erin Blakemore

'Even today, after a century of feminism, we can't fully be ourselves' by Elena Ferrante

Why the #MeToo Moment is Especially Distressing for Muslim Women by Aymann Ismail and Jeffrey Bloomer 

The Nancy Pelosi Problem by Peter Beinart

A Revolutionary Woman and the Declaration of Independence by Wendi Maloney

The Beauty and Horror of Medusa, an Enduring Symbol of Women's Power by Allison Meier

There's an Online Harassment Campaign Underway Against People Advocating For Diversity in Comics by Rachel Krishna

LISTEN: Heidi Thomas Prepares to 'Call the Midwife,' Again  


CFP: Religion and Rape Culture

When Doctors Use Anxiety as an Obstacle to Patient Self-Advocacy

When Doctors Use Anxiety as an Obstacle to Patient Self-Advocacy

Cancer vs. Chronic Pain

Cancer vs. Chronic Pain