Feminist Friday 6/23

Feminist Friday 6/23

A weekly list of feminist thought from around the web



LISTEN: Ben Franklin's World Podcast: The Washington's Runaway Slave, Ona Judge

READ & DISTRIBUTE: W.I.T.C.H. PDX: Witchcraft in Late Stage Capitalism 

The Gender Wars of Household Chores: A Feminist Comic by Emma

'Gwyneth glows like radioactive swan'--my day at the Goop festival by Lindy West

Statement of Particulars: Women's Experiences of Trauma in the First World War by Bridget Keown

Women of Color Are Using VR to Imagine a More Inclusive World by Princess Ojiaku

Wonder Woman, Doctor Poison, and Solidarity in the Face of Patriarchy by Teresa Jusino

What I Learned ABout Interruption from Talk Radio by Rose Eveleth

No, Women of Color Do Not Owe You a "Teaching Moment" by Nia Decaille

Mallory Ortberg's Internet by Sarah Scoles

The Women's Magazine That Tried to Stop the Civil War by Erin Blakemore

At The World's Preeminent Feminist Speculative Fiction Convention by Claire Light

Racial Violence on the Anniversary of the Charleston Massacre by Keisha N. Blain

Term 'genius' alienates women, says Cambridge lecturer by Katherine Sellgren

'This is My Land': The Indigenous Women Chiefs Protecting the Amazon by Charlotte Jansen

Roxane Gay's "Hunger" Will Satiate You on Fat, Trauma, and the World of Longing by Lisa Factora-Borchers

Is This the End of the Crusade for Gender-Equal Curricula? by Elizabeth Weingarten

It's a Dangerous Business, Being a Female Professor by Kristina M. W. Mitchell

Do We Need Women's News? by Clio Chang

How We Doubled the Representation of Female Classical Scholars on Wikipedia by Victoria Leonard

When Totally Normal Books About Girls Turned into 'Beach Reads' by Ilana Masad

Beyond Curie: A Look at the Project That's Bringing Awareness to Female Scientists Through Art by Stephanie Dixon

New Music Monday: Em & The Fates Subvert the Male Gaze in "Prey" by Evette Dionne


Medicine and Healing in the Age of Slavery

Open call to join the Feminist Internet Futures Studio

No, We Shouldn't Model Our Democracy on Ancient Athens

No, We Shouldn't Model Our Democracy on Ancient Athens

Living with "The Thing"

Living with "The Thing"