Feminist Friday 10/13

Feminist Friday 10/13

A weekly list of feminist thought from around the web




Disturbing Allegations of Sexual Harassment in Antarctica Leveled at Noted Scientist by Meredith Wadman

Cam Newton Thinks it's Funny When a Female Reporter Asks About Routes, and that's Not OK by Harry Lyles Jr.

Why the Harvey Weinstein Sexual-Harassment Allegations Didn't Come Out Until Now by Rebecca Traister

Norway Will Pay Their Male and Female Football Teams the Same

Dove Receives Furious Backlash From Consumers for Racist Facebook Ad by the Blavity Team

Rebecca Solnit on Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Clinton, and Blaming Women for the Acts of Men by Rebecca Solnit


Alt-White: How the Breitbart Machine Laundered Racist Hate by Joseph Bernstein

Don't Call It 'Toxic Masculinity.' They're Sociopathic Baby-Men by Heather Havrilesky

The Other Canon: 10 Centuries of Plays by Women by Susan Jonas

Revisiting Star Trek's Most Political Episode by Robert Greene II

Love and Badness in America and the Arab World by Diya Abdo

The Language of White Supremacy by Vann R. Newkirk II

Indigenous Love: When Being Who We Are Is Resistance by Rachael Lorenzo & Justin Lorenzo

We Can't Keep Ignoring Native American Women's Health & Human Rights by Elizabeth Yuko

Is Blade Runner 2049 sexist-or a Fair Depiction of a Dystopian Future? by Anna Smith

Literary Witches: A New Comic by Katy Horan and Taisia Kitaiskaia

The Horizon of Desire by Laurie Penny

A Bipartisan Pay Gap in Presidential Administrations by Evan Stewart 


Sewing Science, Sewing History

Sewing Science, Sewing History

When Will Sexual Harassment Be Unacceptable?

When Will Sexual Harassment Be Unacceptable?