Feminist Friday 7/22

Feminist Friday 7/22

A weekly list of feminist thought from around the web



"Despite Legacy of Racism, Black Women Rock On" by Latonya Pennington

"Harder, faster, louder: challenging sexism in the music industry" by Catherine Strong

"9 Powerful Feminist Photo Series You Need To Know About" by JR Thorpe 

"How We Learn To Love 'Good' White Men With Guns" by Imran Siddiquee

" 'Embarrassing Bodies'- the male doctor/female patient encounter" by Alison Moulds

"Assassins, abolitionists, and astronomers: Who fares better?" by Michelle Moravec

"Empower This: Your 'Go-Girl' Boosterism Isn't Actually Feminism" by Kate Kaye

"Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless: On negotiating the false idols of neoliberal self-care" by Laurie Penny

"Remembers Sandra Bland's Death In the Place I Call Home" by Karen Good Marable

"The Panther's Prophecy: Angela Davis on black feminism and contemporary American politics" by Luciana Castellina

"The Intersectional Woman's Reading List" by Doree Shafrir 

"Decolonisation involves more than simply turning back the clock" by Lesley Le Grange

"What Happens When a Harassment Whistleblower Goes on the Science Job Market" by Sarah Scoles 

"Throwing Shade on Lady Presidential Candidates: Victoria Woodhull (1838-1927)" by Lauren Macivor Thompson

"Ghostbusters (2016) Review" by Feminist Frequency 

"Making a Better, Smarter, 'Strong Female Character' " by Jennifer K. Stuller 

"She-Ra and the Fight Against the Token Girl" by Maria Teresa Hart 

"The Real Reason Women Love Witches" by Anne Theriault


Seen But Not Heard: The Spatial, Emotional and Material Sites of Childhood and Youth from Antiquity to Modernity

American Association for the History of Medicine

Race, Sex, and Reproduction in the Global South, c.1800-2000

Victorian Periodicals Review: The Material Culture of Victorian Domestic Life and the Press

Histories of Disability and Sexuality

How We Teach I Creative Non-Fiction

Feminist Friday 7/29

Feminist Friday 7/29

"Brave Women Emerge"

"Brave Women Emerge"