Feminist Friday 12/23

Feminist Friday 12/23

A weekly list of feminist thought from around the web



Planned Parenthood fears it may be first casualty of rekindled abortion war by Sandhya Someshackhar & Katie Zezima 

Texas officially kicking Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid by Alexa Ura 


Donald Trump is Gaslighting America by Lauren Duca 

As a Multiracial Woman, This is Why I Need Intersectional Feminism by Laura Witt

How to Survive 2017: believe in protest, barricade your uterus and tax yourself by Lindy West

Will Trump cause progressives to forget about women's rights? by Jessica Valenti  

Midwives at Standing Rock Aren't Going Anywhere by Katie Toth 

The Future of Women Under President Trump by Margaret Talbot

What Women Really Think of Men by Irin Carmon 

Hero, "Monster," or "Psycho Bitch"? Televisions Female Superheroes, Hillary Clinton, and the Problem with Powerful Women by Natalie Bograd 

Our Planet Is So Fucked That Some Women Are Choosing to Not Have Kids by Linda Yang 

Advice from Angela Davis in the aftermath of the election by Maya Dukmasova 

A Country Within A Country: Climate Change, Privilege, and Disaster Survival by Bani Amor

Reuse, Reduce, Reproductive Rights: How Abortion Can Help Save the Planet by Gabby Bess 

Against Bargaining by Laurie Penny 

'We Have to Resist': A Conversation with Rebecca Solnit by Cody Delistraty


Speak Body: Art, The Reproduction of Capital and the Reproduction of Life

Women's March on Washington- Public Call for Art 




Editor's Picks of 2016

Editor's Picks of 2016

What We Know About Wind

What We Know About Wind