celebrate 5 years of lady of science!

October 7 - October 14

This fundraising drive helps us sustain our recently raised rates for writers, pay our team of editors, and plan for future projects. We’re raising $5000 for 5 years of Lady Science! For the last 5 years, we’ve been the only place on the web that does what we do, and with your help we can kick off 5 more years!

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$5-$14 Donation = Bookmark, featuring this exclusive Lady Science design, created by medical illustrator and tattoo artist Marie Sena

$25+ Donation = Lady Science Podcast mug, with exclusive design by Marie Sena

daily raffle

$15-$24 Donation = Raffle ticket, each day we will raffle off one item donated by our supporters.

Each item will be available for raffle from 7a.m. Central to Midnight on designated days. We’ll contact the winners at the end of the fundraising week. Click on each item below for details, and enter item’s offer code in checkout.

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Monthly Pledge

The most important source of funding for us is monthly contributions through Patreon. This provides us with a stable monthly income and helps us ensure that we can always cover the costs of each issue.