During our October fundraising campaign, we are offering new options for one-time donations: 

$10 donation: One entry in a weekly raffle. Get 6 entries for $50 and 12 for $100. Win a prize package of a limited-time tote bag with Lady Science oil lamp logo or burning bra logo, a t-shirt (s/m/l) with oil lamp logo, a burning bra lapel pin, and a copy of the first and second volumes of our annual anthology, previously only available as an e-book.  

Drawings will be held weekly on Mondays, October 9, 16, 23, & 30 at 10:00 am. CT

$15 Donation: Receive a beautiful Lady Science Burning Bra enamel lapel pin as a special thank you. (no entries) 

 $50 donation: Sponsor a commissioned post on our website. Your name in lights, right next to one of our stellar contributors! (no entries)

$100 donation: Help us raise matching donations! We'll tweet & post about you or your business and ask people to match your contribution. Please email us before donating to get this set up at (no entries)


Monthly Pledge

The most important source of funding for us is monthly contributions through Patreon. This provides us with a stable monthly income and helps us ensure that we can always cover the costs of each issue.  

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