Feminist Friday 9/22

Feminist Friday 9/22


A weekly list of feminist thought from around the web


Sanders' 'Medicare for All' Covers Abortion Care, Ends Hyde Amendment by Christine Grimaldi 

Leaked alleged DOJ memo recommends making campus rape victims' sexual history fair play by Daily Kos 

An algorithm has revealed the staggering gender bias in sports journalism by Mimi Launder


Backpacking with Girls Outdoor Leadership Development by Aer Parris 

The Book That Made Us Feminists by Carol J. Adams

Over 100 Years Later, Photographer Alice Austen Is Finally Being Recognized as an LGBTQ Icon by Tiffany Jow

Queering Gender: A Fashion History by Olivia Singer

The Cost of Sexual Harassment by Heather McLaughlin, Christopher Uggen, and Amy Blackstone

Stalking, actually: why men who reject rejection are not romantic heroes by Tauriq Moosa

We Can't Talk Climate Change Without Talking Environmental Racism by Devi Lockwood 

The Economist's review of my book reveals how white people still refuse to believe black people about being black by Edward E. Baptist

Pure Evil: the Entwined History of White Supremacy and Fat Hatred by Shannon Weber

For Indonesian Women, Feminist Zines are a Powerful Rebellion by Yudhistira Agato

My Body, My Choice: Why the Principle of Bodily Autonomy Can Unite the Left by David M. Perry

LISTEN: Detoxing & cleanses - do they work? 


CFP: The Business of a Woman's Life: female authorship, celebrity, and fandom in the long 19th century 

CFP: Nature: Narrative, Authorship, Textual Ecosystems

Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors

Feminist Friday 9/8

Feminist Friday 9/8