Meet the Editorial Team


Anna Reser, Editor-in-chief | @AnnaNReser

Anna has a BFA in studio art, an MA in history of science, and is currently pursuing a PhD and writing a dissertation about design culture and the built environment in the American space program.  She is a painter, sculptor, and printmaker with a focus on the aesthetics of technology and information. 

Leila A. McNeill, Editor-in-chief | @leilasedai

Leila holds a MA in Literary Studies and an MA in the history of science. She is a freelance writer, editor, and historian of science with a background on women and gender in science, technology, and medicine and a special interest in the intersections of history and popular culture. She has been published in the The Atlantic, The Establishment, and Aeon, and currently is a regular beat writer for 

Rebecca Ortenberg, Managing Editor | @historein

Rebecca is a history communicator, project manager, and general wrangler of wild academics. She has a B.A. in history and theater from Lewis and Clark College and an M.A. in history museum studies from the Cooperstown Graduate Program. She is always seeking new ways to bring historians and non-historians into conversation with one another. 


Joy L. Rankin, Contributing Editor | @JoyMLRankin

Joy is an Assistant Professor of the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science at Michigan State University, holding appointments at Lyman Briggs College and James Madison College. Her current book A People’s History of Computing is under contract with Harvard University Press. 

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Kathleen Sheppard, Contributing Editor | @k8shep

Kate is a historian of science focusing on the history of British archaeology and women in science. She received her PhD in the History of Science from the University of Oklahoma. Her first book is a biography of Egyptologist Margaret Alice Murray. Her most recent project is an edited volume of correspondence between James Breasted and Caroline Ransom Williams.

Jenna Tonn, Contributing Editor | @JennaTonn

Jenna is a historian of women and gender in science. She received her PhD in History of Science from Harvard and is currently working on a book about the gendered social lives, friendships, and scientific work of experimental biologists during the long 19th century.

Robert Davis, Contributing Editor | @rmdavis19

Robert has a PhD in Theatre History and is currently researching sex and gender in 19th century U.S. theatre.  At the moment, he is writing “Showtime in Old New York,” an interactive, text-based game about managing a theatre in 1840s New York City, for Choice of Games. 

Sam Muka, Contributing Editor | @aquariumglass

Sam is a historian of biology interested in tracing networks of knowledge production in interdisciplinary scientific fields. She is currently a post doc at the Smithsonian Institution and will join the faculty of the Stevens Institute of Technology in Fall 2017.