Episode 1: PILOT!

Episode 1: PILOT!


Hosts: Anna Reser, Leila McNeill, and Rebecca Ortenberg 

Guest: Jenna Tonn

Producer: Leila McNeill

Music: Careful! by Zombie Dandies 

In our pilot episode, learn about Lady Science Magazine, meet its editors, and join our discussion about the history of nursing. We discuss the mythic representation of Florence Nightingale, and historian of science Jenna Tonn joins us to talk about the historical roots of the "naughty nurse" trope. 

Show Notes

Florence Nightingale: Of Myths and Maths by Joy L. Rankin

Why Are We Still Talking About the Naughty Nurse by Jenna Tonn

Further Reading

Ceniza Choy, Catherine, Empire of Care: Nursing and Migration in Filipino American History, Duke University Press, 2003.

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Reverby, Susan. Ordered to Care: The Dilemma of American Nursing. Cambridge University Press, 1987.

Episode 2: Super Spooky Halloween

Episode 2: Super Spooky Halloween