Episode 2: Super Spooky Halloween

Episode 2: Super Spooky Halloween


Hosts: Anna Reser, Leila McNeill, and Rebecca Ortenberg

Guest: Kate Sheppard 

Producer: Leila McNeill 

Music: Careful! by Zombie Dandies

The scientific study of the paranormal and supernatural might seem contradictory, but we discuss how fringe sciences have made concerted attempts to break into the mainstream, oftentimes perpetuating the same gender inequalities of modern science and medicine. Historian of science and long time contributing Lady Science editor Kate Sheppard joins in to talk about Margaret Murray and her witch cult hypothesis. 

Show Notes

Visitation and Violence: Gender and the UFO Phenomenon by Anna Reser

Vulgar Women, Queer Men, and Unruly Spirits by Leila A. McNeill

Forced to the Fringe: Margaret Murray’s Witch-Cult Hypothesis by Kathleen Sheppard


Further Reading

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